What have I done?

In three decades of professional writing, I’ve covered topics from court decisions to subatomic particles to subterranean punk rock bands, and just about everything in between.


Below is a cross-section of clips from over the past decade that I hope demonstrate my flexibility and versatility. All are downloadable PDF files.

• Animators take on the big cats for Nat Geo (CG Society, 2018)

Chris Coburn carries on the legacy of a grocery giant (Twin Cities Business, 2017)

• The battle over health care didn’t begin with Obama (p.4). (ABA Preview, 2012)

• Pure advertorial (No, I’m not above that kind of thing...) (Processor, 2011)



A small sampling of the dozens of publications I’ve written for over the years: 

• Billboard
• Carlson School of Management Magazine
• Delta Sky
• Family Health
• Minneapolis StarTribune
• Mpls/St.Paul
• Notre Dame Lawyer
• PC Today
• St. Paul Pioneer Press
• Super Lawyers
• Twin Cities Business

Click here to download my résumé.